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Good Out of Bad-Control

by Matthew Zamudio on March 27, 2020

It seems like it has been months since March 16.  The reality is it has only been 10 days.  It feels like so long  ago when we could just go to the store and buy whatever we wanted.  I began to ponder why these 10 days have seemed so long.  The actual amount of time is the exact same that is was the previous 10 days.  It has been the exact same number of seconds, minutes, and hours.  I would dare say that the amount of time was the exact same the 10 days before that.  Yet these past 10 days have felt as long as the previous 20.  I think the reason for this is can be understood.  We live in a culture that is so fast paced and packed full of activity.  Forty hour work weeks appear to be a thing of the past and 50-70 hours is the new normal.  The weekends used to be filled with time of rest and worship, but they too tend to be filled with activities from sports, family outings, birthday parties, etc.  It may be surprising to realize that we are already a quarter of the way through the year 2020...It seems like we just did Christmas.  This pandemic has forced every single American to slow down.  In fact, for some it may seem like life has come to a stop.  Some may not realize but stopping is a Biblical practice and fulfill a deep need in our souls.   Jewish people are used to having their rhythm of life interrupted once a week where everything “stops” (Shabbot)  and they have been doing this for thousands of years.  Why do they have this slowness built into their lives and what good could possibly come about from us having to slow down??  The answer if found in one of the most incredible scriptures.  

Psalm 46:10 (ESV)-Be still and know that I am God.  

What happens when we are still, when we stop, when we slow down we realize some very important things.  When we stop we gain the perspective of who is really God.  We learn we are not.  Though the entire world has been impacted by this virus and many people had to stay home from work the sun still came up as it always has done.  The rain still fell and flowers still bloomed.  Birds continued to chirp and life went on.  We realized in that moment that we are not in control.  Now breathe deep...feel that relief because if we are being honest, we don't really believe this truth.  We believe that if it not for us, the world will simply fall apart.  What we are really saying is that we are gods who make the world go around.  I am thankful that I am not, because truthfully I am a really bad god.  When we stop and reflect on this truth of who God is it allows us rest without the burden of being God.  Let us take this time and rejoice in who God is and rest in his control.  

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