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The Heart of God

When the chips are down we see that our friends and supporters quickly disappear. It hurts, we feel betrayed and abandoned. Then life begins to look up and they are showing back up in our lives. What should our response be to them?

by Matthew Zamudio on February 28, 2019

2 Samuel 19

David is returning to Jersusalem after his son Absalom has been killed. On the way back to cross over the Jordan he encounters the very man who cursed at him and threw rocks at him.  David also encountered Mephibosheth who was accused of betraying David.  David’s men asked if David would want his betrayers killed.   Yet, the king forgave every man that came and asked.

The Biblical Truth:  David was a man after God’s own heart by forgiving his enemies.  The heart of God is forgiving those who do not deserve it.  May we too have the heart of David...the heart of God.  

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