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What will we sing?

What will our song to God be? What words will we use? Can we sing when everything around us seems to be falling apart.

by Matthew Zamudio on August 07, 2019

2 Samuel 22

It is important to notice that the song appears in the scripture right after David is returning from exile.  Because of his son’s rebellion he was driven from his home.  Now his son has been killed, his family is in shambles and now he is returning home.  The kingdom still has to be put together, the country is divided, and thousands have died.  We may be tempted to ask “What could he possibly have to sing about?”  When we read the song it is not a lament, but rather David chooses to write this song celebrating how great God has been to him.  He sings of how God has rescued him from his enemies.  He chooses to sing about the victories in his life.

The Biblical Truth for Today:  I want to choose to focus on how good and great God is rather than on the difficulties in my life.


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